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Animated videos review P&P
and In-Service Training


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  • Your logo and company name added to your platform.
  • Completion certificates print automatically with company representative signature and date.
  • Quizzes ensure understanding.
  • Track staff progress.
  • Save documents to share with staff.
  • Two (2) price levels available to meet your needs.
  • FAQ – View the  difference in two available price levels.


Both levels are annual paid plans. What makes us different, there is never an increase based on staff usage. One price that will never change and we provide industry updates, FREE. The main difference in the two plans: $1999, you have total control of your site by accessing the backend. You can see these upgraded features by reviewing the sales video above starting a timecode, 1:10. Both plans will have your company name and logo, but the higher level plan is designed to look like staff are signing into your website. The $850 plan will also have your name and logo, but staff will not see your company information until they are signed into the dashboard.

You can download TOC here:

Orientation Checklist

In-Service Checklist

You can also download TOC once you are signed into the demo platform.

Set up can take between 4 to 10 days depending on the size of your business.

No, the videos are proprietary and owned by STAT Healthcare Consultants. You are not allowed to copy or to share and each platform is tracked using IP coding.

Staff can sign in as much as they like. They can even leave during training and come back to where they left off.

You pay one fee each year. Either $1999 or $850. You can cancel at any time but there is no prorated refund.

Yes, as industry rules and regulations change, we will inform you and if you want updates, we will provide them for free.

We allow certain polices to be added, i.e., Agency expectations. It is very important that you follow the policy review and the in-services included to ensure you meet Federal and State standards. These are the minimum, but they must be followed. You can choose to have additional policies but will need to create a PPT which we are happy to add to the platform for you.

We currently offer “20” different in-services, “16” meet the basic requirements but some States do want to see others. If you need additional in-services we will add them in a text format for free. If you would like them in animated video format you can purchase them individually or we will create a video package to help save you money.

Certificates should be printed by staff and a copy returned to the office. If a staff member does not return their completion certificates, you are able to access their account and print them manually.

The beginning of the training demo will show a brief animation introduction of your company name and logo put to music and added inside a laptop screen. That video is free. Then, you may choose to add a 2-minute customized business video and when that ends the modules begin. These videos are $325 and a great addition to demonstrate your services to new staff. The owner or administrator has the option to record a video welcome message that we are happy to add at the start of the introduction.

Robbyn Holland/Owner

STAT Healthcare Consultants

Cell: 321-987-8402